Equipment Inventory Tracking Database  Specialized Law Enforcement & Police Software

Equipment Inventory Tracking Database

Specialized Law Enforcement & Police Software

This software is designed to track and manage equipment inventory.

  • The Equipment Database tracks every piece of equipment your department owns, from shotgun end caps to helicopters.
  • Track active & inactive inventory, equipment in repair, and equipment disposed of.
  • Track equipment expenditures and repair costs.
  • Keep a detailed repair log of every item in your inventory.
  • A munitions and supplies section to track inventory and distributions of munitions, supplies and small items.
  • Easy Identification of "grant items" that enables you to identify and track any grant items, including your Office of Homeland Security special grant equipment items. Federal grants will require you to track special items separately from your regular equipment. We made this easy for you!
  • Includes an easy to produce "Inventory Issuance and Receipt" report for employees to sign, acknowledging their receipt of equipment and understanding of responsibilities.
  • Automated Alerts for equipment service, repair and replacement.
  • Vehicle mileage and gas usage tracking.
  • Run a single-search to locate "every" piece of equipment assigned to an officer or vehicle in seconds.
  • Customizable drop-down lists to fit individual department's needs.
  • Numerous report options that let you establish the criteria for the records included on each report.
  • Concise and easy to use features to quickly collect and distribute professional reports.
  • Access to on-screen HELP from every screen
  • Free technical assistance during office hours

Equipment Database $1,500.00. Package prices are available.

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