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S.W.A.T. Management Software Program
"I received the update for the database this morning. I've already upgraded and entered our incidents involving canines. That was a perfect fix! Thank you for the very fast response. The report it generates is exactly what our command staff is looking for. I really appreciate the fast work on this update. Great work! This program is awesome -- very glad I came across it when I did!"
Kevin P.

Death Investigation Database
"I am a county coroner in Wyoming. Like most of the coroner's in our state, we also have a full time job to boot. When looking for a way to streamline the paperwork involved with a death investigation, I came upon LEA Data Technologies. They were most helpful with setting us up with the software we needed. I use it on a laptop right in the coroner vehicle. I can enter loads of information right on scene and print it all out so the pathologist has a clear and concise picture of what happened. He/she can also review it at a later time if needed. I like the fact that it prompts me to get all of the information I need. At 2:00 a.m. it is hard to remember EVERYTHING! It is a very useful tool at budget time. There is so much information that can be retrieved at the push of a button, I can't imagine going back to our old system. The staff at L.E.A really listens to what you need. They don't try to push you into something you do not want. This day in age it seems rare to have people who are willing to go out of their way to make sure you are completely satisfied. I am here to tell you L.E.A. will do just that!"
Mike F.

Death Investigation Database
"I have been the county coroner for 12 years and had been looking for a program that would allow me to accurately and completely record data to be recalled quickly. Throughout the years it has been the same thing, notes and typing bits and pieces when I could. Looking something up whether it was by age, cause of death, manner of death, etc., became time consuming and annual reports were a pain to compile.

One day a fellow coroner told me of a new system he had read about. I got in touch with L.E.A. Data Technologies and the process began. In my many conversations with Dave, the system took shape and he worked with me and my requests for various fields and categories. I had requests and Dave took care of them quickly. I have been using this system to go back and enter data from the last 13 years and am very pleased with the program. The adaptation to the required steps was easy to adjust to and the end result gives the user a variety of reports to use for many purposes. The program will let you know if you forgot to enter something, which is a great help when you are pressed for time.

I highly recommend L.E.A. Technologies and they are worth looking at if you are in need of a great program."

Tom E.

Training Database - Track and Manage Training Software
Great product!
I had piles of information here and there, stuffed in file cabinets and Excel files all over the place. Attempting to extract information for reports was a miserable experience. The Training Database put it all into perspective; quick and easy reporting features, accountability of officer certifications and their expirations, etc…. A bonus is the ability to print custom in house training certificates for issue to your personnel.

Great Price!
I looked at many databases, some with stripped down versions and some with all of the bells and whistles that I may never use. The Training Database has the best of what you need and allows you to query your records in more than one or two ways to extract the information. It is the best value for your dollar and ours.

Great Customer Service!
Need a field adjusted or help with a report? Haven’t quite figured out the power of the application? A quick refresher from one of the many demo / tutorial screen casts on a CD delivered with your product will help get you back on track. If that doesn’t help a call to L.E.A. will help get you there very quickly and they never try to make you feel like you are a bother to them!
Bottom line = Great Product, Great Price and Great People!

Rex W

Training Database - Track and Manage Training Software
Hats off to L.E.A. Data Technologies for developing such a great Training program!

Working with Dave to customize the training database software to fit our department’s needs was very important to us. Dave’s technical expertise in building the software is greatly valued! Dave has always been very prompt in responding to our questions in "better than reasonable time frame". Dave truly cares about our experience.

The program is very easy to use, it produces great results. The Training package has allowed for easy cross checking points to ensure that data is being entered accurately. I am always surprised at the many eye appealing reports that can be generated with just a few clicks of a button. Searching for records is effortless thanks to the many options available in the search criteria. What didn’t L.E.A. Data Technologies think of?

Tracy O.

Training Database - Track and Manage Training Software
"As a Training Officer for a Mid Size Dept. I had a hard time getting a grasp on the record keeping of our officers training records. One of the best tools our dept has purchased is a Training Database that was built by L.E.A. Data Technologies out of Oregon. The driving force of L.E.A. is Dave Broomfield a 28-year veteran police officer. The L.E.A. Data Technologies Training Database is a top-notch and very affordable database. I suggest that any training officers needing help in tracking ALL types of Training, and also their Equipment, Internal Affairs Investigations, Uniform Items, and any other Police, Fire, or EMS items should visit the L.E.A. website at or email Dave at"

Ron A.

Training Database - Track and Manage Training Software
"I can only say great things about Dave and his staff at L.E.A. Data Technologies. I am the Sergeant in the Training Section at a Florida Sheriff's Office that is responsible for the training of over 600 Corrections Deputies, Patrol Deputies, Detectives and civilian personnel. Our sheriff's office was in need of a program that could track all the training completed and also show who had not yet completed the training. We looked at several different programs that were on the market, but none was as Law Enforcement friendly as L.E.A. Since we have purchased the program I have asked Dave to make several changes, some subtle and some that involved creating a whole new report feature. Dave has bent over backwards to address our specific needs, and made those changes all without any additional cost to us. I would highly recommend L.E.A. Data Technologies to anyone wanting a powerful program to track its training."

Sgt. Ricky B.

Training Database - Track and Manage Training Software
“Thanks for your help. This is absolutely the best customer service I ever received. I will sing your praises whenever and wherever I can. Again, thanks!”

Klint K., Training Officer

Equipment Management Database
"I use the L.E.A Data Technologies Equipment Management application in the Fleet Management office of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and have for eighteen months. Not only is the system easy to learn and use, it is well tailored for my day-to-day operations. The current location of the assigned vehicles and equipment is always at my fingertips."

"If you manage a fleet of vehicles and small equipment at a law enforcement agency, I strongly recommend the L.E.A. Data Technologies Equipment Management system because it will make your world better."

Thomas S., Fleet Manager

Robbery Tracking System & Profiler
"A month after purchasing the software (June 2001) Scottsdale began experiencing several armed robberies that had many consistencies. We began using the software program to maintain and organize our data. We learned from 5 other jurisdictions that similar armed robberies were occurring in their cities. Those cases were also entered into the tracking system. After running several queries we were able to clearly see strong consistencies, potential suspect vehicles and suspect behavioral habits."

"On September 19, 2001, using the information entered into the database, we were able to apprehend the two suspects involved in 20 robbery cases. With the aid of the program, the task of presenting a serial case to the Grand Jury was simplistic and gave the Grand Jury a good mental picture of how the suspects were linked to the armed robberies they committed."

"With the aid of this program, we were able to take 2 violent armed robbers off the street and present strong cases against them. There were only 2 people not pleased with your program … they are known as "Suspect #1 and Suspect #2."

Detectives Dan R. and Tom V.

Robbery Tracking System & Profiler
"As the state president of the California Robbery Investigators Association and a recently retired Sergeant from the long Beach Police Department with 32 years experience, the majority of which was spent in detectives, I am confident in saying that your Robbery Tracking System software program was the best I've ever seen."

Sgt. William S.

Administrative / Internal Affairs Suite
"I have been using the L.E.A. data Technologies Administrative Application for about two years now and I find it very simple to learn and use. I am able to work with a vast amount of tables and reports categorized to meet the needs of this Sheriff's Department. Very few times does a user ever have to enter the same information twice and additional information is easily added to the tables if necessary."

"Dave Broomfield is very knowledgeable and has tailored this application to fit any administrative need, including information and reports that would most likely not have been thought of by the user. I highly recommend implementing this in any department."

Joyce N., Administrative Assistant

Administrative / Internal Affairs Suite / Training Databases
The Administrative Database is working great for us. It has organized our office greatly and the information is retrievable instantly. I am very pleased with the product.

Lt. Anthony S., Internal Affairs Director

Administrative / Internal Affairs Suite / Training Databases
“I have received the administrative database upgrade to version 4.0.9. Just a quick side note, I can't begin to thank you enough for developing this software! I honestly don't know how people tracked training and other issues before something like this came out! It's worked out great for our agency and I couldn't be happier.”

Sgt. Scott D. M.

Follow-Up Tracking System
"The implementation of this computer software has significantly enhanced our agency's ability to track and manage cases that had been assigned to individual officers for investigation."

"This computer program features a full range of investigative resources including defined fact gathering capabilities, statistical information computation, group and individual case prioritization, case management, case assignments and case tracking. We found the product simple to operate, and with minimal training our officers were quickly able to navigate through the database to maximize the use of the many features it has to offer."

Larry K., Chief of Police

Pursuit Database
"The collection and tracking of police pursuits is a must for any progressive police department. Pursuits are one of the most dangerous aspects for a police department and community. Without the proper means of tracking the statistical elements of pursuits, it will be impossible for departments to recognize the dangerous trends that are often prevalent in police pursuits. Civil litigation and media scrutiny are at an all time high as it relates to police pursuits. L.E.A. Data Technologies has a great solution with the Pursuit Database"

Travis Y.

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