S.W.A.T. Management Program  Specialized Law Enforcement & Police Software

S.W.A.T. Management Program

Specialized Law Enforcement & Police Software

Software designed to collect, manage and organize the detailed data of tactical teams.

In today’s world, tactical teams are being watched by administrations, the media and government agencies who are trying to get involved with setting standards and guidelines on how police departments should operate and manage tactical teams. With them on your heels and with everyone becoming more and more lawsuit happy, you might be realizing that you, like everyone else, needs a little help tracking “in detail” what your tactical team does, when and how.

  • Track all munitions and supplies, and special serialized ordnance rounds (Flash bangs and Stingball rounds) that may need to be tracked for ATF.
  • A special feature lets you indicate where the round was expended and then updates the entire program.
  • Quickly produce detailed reports about your in-stock ordnance and the ordnance that has already been expended.
  1. Team Officers - Track all of the officers associated with your team, their individual personnel actions and photos.   
  2. After Action Details – The Incident section of the program is designed to capture up-to-date details and information about each incident you initiate or respond to. There are 17 different categories of information you can collect and store.
  3. Equipment - Including: firearms, munitions and supplies, vehicles and all other tactical equipment.
  4. Site Assessments – Be prepared for the worst-case scenario and do a Pre-Site Assessment on High Target Locations such as schools, banks, government buildings and others facilities you may have to respond to. Use the form provided (or your own) to collect the information you need upon arrival in order to set up and take action. Having this in hand can save you valuable time and possibly even lives.
  • 8 Early Warning Alerts in the Equipment Section to inform you when items need to be re-ordered, serviced, or replaced.
  • 500 Reports covering 9 different sections of the program. Drop-Down Lists for every field make gathering information easy and efficient.
  • Also includes Smart Technology, a time saving innovation that works behind the scenes to alleviate the need to repeat actions.

Instant access to 11 categories of information previously gathered for each location.

  • General Site Information
  • Who the Contacts Are
  • Security in Place
  • Barriers
  • Hazards
  • Utilities
  • Access Points
  • Staging Areas and Evacuation Plans
  • Streets, Road, Businesses and other Locations to Close
  • Complete Summary Details
  • Photos and Diagrams
  • Access to on-screen HELP from every screen
  • Free technical assistance during office hours

S.W.A.T. Management Program $2,000.00. Package prices are available.

Save time and money with a proven system that works.

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